Home tab

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The Home tab provides access to the main windows of the program.

* Main program windows can also be opened using main window hotkeys.

A brief description of the Home tab :


This button is used for building charts in the ATAS platform.

By default, the candlestick chart of the selected instrument is opened.

Smart Tape

Every market order can be filled by a large number of specifically limited orders; this instrument groups the received ticks so that the trader sees the actual market orders in their full amount. There is also a volume-based filtering system. Now we can see what traders with different capitalization do at any time.

Bid/Ask Tape

An instrument for the visualization of volumes at each spread value.

All Prices

The counter of distribution of volumes by prices. This option allows finding levels with the maximum volume, trades, bids, asks, and deltas for an arbitrarily chosen period. These levels are generally good support and resistance.

Smart DOM

The Smart DOM module is intended for trades.


Alerts are signals that notify the trader of various market events. Having created alerts, you can move away from the monitor; this option will ensure that the program automatically notifies you of the occurrence of any predetermined event.


This module is designed for delivering internal messages from the risk manager/broker (this program feature is currently used by prop companies to send messages to traders).

In the future, we plan to introduce the possibility to connect to news providers (for example, http://www.bloomberg.com etc.)

Market Replay

Market Replay is a "simulator" that uses historical data to emulate the course of trading.

Connection to DataFeed

This function allows configuring the program connections to the trading account and to the quote vendor.є

Statistics module

This module displays all the information on completed trade transactions, issued and cancelled orders, and results of transactions. 

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