close an order that is open

JUAN CRUZ 2 years ago updated by Андрей Ринас2 (ATAS developer) 6 months ago 2

cerrar una orden que está abierta

Using an indicator you can only cancel a pending order (not market order):

        // Order is pending to be executed
        protected override void OnNewOrder(Order order)

             * We can only cancel LIMIT/STOP orders. The MARKET orders cannot be canceled using an indicator. Must be using an exit strategy.
             * On `OnNewMyTrade`, `OnNewOrder` and on `OnOrderChanged` we can't cancel order.
             * On `OnNewOrder` we got this error message (for a MARKET order which cannot be canceled): (on the other methods we got no errors and can't cancel MARKET orders)
             * ERROR: Notification title 'Order 1188105086/637764480088210017 Buy Market MNQH2@CME_Ind on DEMO0BF34 at 0/0 vol 1/0 exp 30.12.2021 Done cancel failed' message 'Order 637764480088210017/1188105086 for cancel not found.'.
            if (order.Type != OrderTypes.Market)
                this.LogInfo($"[OnNewOrder] Cancelling order: price: { order.Price }, vol: { order.QuantityToFill }, direction: { order.Direction }");

It seems that you can close an active order if you implement an exit strategy, not as an indicator. I hope it helps!