Tick Cluster

All calculations are similar to those we use in our Smart Tape, but info gets displayed in the form of clusters. Such an innovative approach in displaying data allows you to easily perceive incoming information. If on the tape you should peer at the figures to determine price of the order, here everything you can see on the chart.

Another advantage is the ability to view market orders, which were performed at multiple prices (due to slippage).

Also on a Tick Cluster chart you can see distribution of the current day volumes and Level II (DOM) data.

To open the following module, use:

І. Tick Cluster hot key button.

ІІ. Open menu, Tick Cluster tab.

Instruments manager window will open afterwards:

In the following window, choose the instrument from the All Instruments list tab, or from the Favorites list tab.

*To add instruments to the Favorites tab, see thisInstruments manager.

The chart will open then.

1. Vol From – settings for the displayed volume in clusters.

2. Apply – apply the settings button.

3. Settings of the intersections on the chart. (Available in two option, intersection and pointer).

4. Display chart above other windows.

5. HVol – settings of the histogram display (the following parameters can be setup: volume, trades, bid/ask, and delta).

6. Hide DOM – DOM activation button.

7. Settings – chart color settings.

8. Change Instrument – instrument change button.

9. Change Layout – layout change button.

10. Show Data Box – data of the separately highlighted cluster.

To draw a horizontal line on a Tick Cluster chart, double-click on the price scale (to remove – double-click exactly the same spot). Same with the vertical lines.

To change horizontal scaling – left mouse click and hold on the the lowest portion of a Tick Cluster window (right below the chart) and drag left or right.

To change vertical scaling – left mouse click and hold on the price scale and drag up or down.

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