Connecting to Binance

This manual serves as a guide to connect Binance exchange to ATAS platform. You can view a brief description and download the platform at the following link:

If you do not have an account yet, you can register on the exchange at the following link:

IMPORTANT: for futures trading to work in ATAS, you need to turn off hedging mode in your personal account on the exchange website, here is the instruction:

Please, enter the menu of the main window of the ATAS platform and left-click on the item Connections in the main window of the platform.

Then, the following window will open:

To add a new connection, click the Add button.

Next, a window with a list of available accounts and quote providers will open:

In this window, select the Binance connection type and click the Next button.

Next, a window for signing the agreement will be open:

*OCO (one cancels other) orders for Binance connection are emulated locally on your computer. This means that the platform must be connected to your broker for OCO orders to function properly. If you are disconnected and one of the OCO orders gets filled, the rest of the orders in that group WILL NOT be cancelled!

If everything suits you, click I Accept, Please continue.

Next, another window will open for signing the agreement:

This connection does not support placing Stop and Stop Limit orders on the exchange server. These types of orders are locally emulated on a computer. This means that in order to execute these orders, the platform must be constantly turned on and connected to the exchange. If you disable it, orders WILL NOT be executed.

If everything suits you, click I Accept, Please continue button.

Then, the following window will open:

1) In the connection window, enter the keys you generated in your account on the Binance website.
2) Click on the Finish button.

*After setting up a connection, it will appear as a separate line in the list of connections:

1. Type - Connection source.

2. State - After adding a new connection, its default status is Disconnected. To connect, click the Connect button.

3. Is market data - Option to select a quote provider.

4. Auto connect - If you want the connection to occur automatically when the platform starts, then you must enable this option.

5. Connection settings button.

6. Delete connection button.

7. Connection enable button.

8. Button for adding a new connection.

9.Logout button.

If you managed to establish a connection, but the quotes are not updated, check the connection settings for the Use spot exchange and Use futures exchange parameters. They must be ticked.

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