Relative volume and tick - CAN BE CUSTOMISED

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do you have this indicator or can be customised CSI (Cumulative Sheep Index) aka Relative Volume and the tick indicator? I presented both below:

This shows volume at the time of day relative to the prior n days. In my case, I look back 60 days. In the above image, we can see that we are now 4415 contracts below the 60 day average for the time of day. This is very useful in terms of identifying when volume is picking up or slowing down. The absolute value is not as important as whether it is rising or falling. As participation changes, the price action changes too. In my opinion, this is one of the best ways to analyze volume/participation in the markets.

Relative Volume

Average TICK (TICK Tamer)

This is based on the NYSE Tick, which in turn is based on how many of the stocks on the NYSE are ticking up vs down. It’s really just a way to look at what the overall stock market is doing.

The TICK looks like this:


thank you for your time

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