ATAS, more than an analysis platform 

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ATAS, more than an analysis platform

Hello dear traders,

In the last few years I have created over 400 workspaces and 1000 templates with ATAS within 10,000 screen hours. In this post I would like to pass on some experiences and point out interesting things about ATAS that very few should be aware of.

I have been trading for over 11 years and am one of the 3% of professional Forex traders trading in Europe. In the first 7 years I had my trading experience without stock market data and only became aware of the stock market data through the tick data in forex. Today I belong to the category of scalpers who are only ever in the market for a few minutes with higher contracts. This often results in 10-20 trades per day.

3 years ago I started to compare different stock market analysis tools and after careful consideration I decided on ATAS. Of course, ATAS is not 100% perfect either, but there is currently no comparable platform that offers a trader these unlimited possibilities.

ATAS was written in the bytecode-based language C #. Compared to assembler or C ++, the speed of the calculation operations is often at a disadvantage, but the susceptibility to errors is significantly lower. The cases in which C ++ is actually faster are in highly optimized programs where experienced programmers have thoroughly optimized the code. This is not only very time-consuming (and therefore expensive), but also often leads to errors due to over-optimization. With the change from the ATAS version v3 to the version v5, a completely new programming architecture was developed which mainly uses the faster GPU to process its computing operations. And it is precisely this strategy that makes ATAS unbeatable software.

In some tests in the last few weeks, with an ATAS version v5, I was able to run almost 100 different charts in parallel on my screen, without any extreme restrictions. Try that with the competition, they will freeze your screen about with 20 different charts. The point here is not to work with so many different charts, but rather to show the performance reserve that sets ATAS apart from the competition.

In addition, ATAS provides a great potential of different indicators, which also work in extreme cases. These indicators are of less interest to me, as I specialize in analyzing the algorithms of the big players who are responsible for the the market orders and limit orders. And here we come to a crucial point that makes ATAS so unique: The almost unlimited filter settings. Anyone who is familiar with programming knows that every possible filter setting automatically slows down a program. And this is exactly where ATAS's performance reserve can clearly set itself apart from the competition.

The filter options allow a trader to project almost any indicator into the chart without having any specific programming knowledge. I would like to show you an example of this.

Already 5 years ago I had the idea for a new candle that gives a trader a lot more information in 33% less time. In 2018 I developed this Bionic candle and made it available to retail traders in the Forex market for free. Here you can see this bionic candle, which was only created from filter settings in ATAS.

In the last 3 years I have developed charts in ATAS that do not yet exist and that provide a trader with crucial information. The tone options in ATAS, which I have assigned with my own programmed tones in the millisecond range, are very interesting. In September 2020 I opened a channel on YouTube where I present and explain these charts and tones in ATAS. The videos are in German but can be translated into any language. Here is the link to my new YouTube channel.


It is best to start with my first video, here you will find an overview of my content.

In the individual videos you will find many examples of the extreme performance of ATAS. Even the developers at ATAS were surprised by the unlimited possibilities. This shows the great potential that ATAS has. From my point of view, ATAS is only at the beginning of a great career. The new programming architecture is exactly the right way to read out the algorithms of the big players in the future. With the new MBO data, which are currently under construction, there are further interesting strategies. The users of ATAS have an unlimited potential of possibilities to analyze the market in detail. Unfortunately, only very few use this in-depth information, which would significantly increase their chances of winning. But anyone can change that immediately, maybe you will get a few new ideas on my channel.

Greetings Michael

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