Reduce chart time axis to custom session time

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If I set a custom session time for a chart (e.g. 15:30 to 22:15 for the cash session of the ES), the graph only shows candles or lines for this time.

However the time period of the graph still remains 24 hours.

This means there are vast areas in the hart without information.

Is there a possibility to blank out these areas, so that the chart shows only the session times, this means when the session time of a day is over at 22:15, the next day session starting 15:30 is shown right next to the prior day session.

This is a very good feature in Sierra Chart.


Do you guys at ATAS really think we have unlimited space on our screens???

Same for TPO charts.


I am very surprised that this function does not exist with atas. my demo ends tomorrow. I'm considering getting a one-year license. Atas team is the feature in the works and when is it coming?
Especially since the cash time session is very important in professional trading. I really don't understand why you don't have this function yet.


many indicators would make more sence if you just could see a custom session time for analytics. because if you want to see an average in a opening like uscashsession opening. the indicator would take all bars to calculate it. it would just take the bars of the needed session.

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