MultiTimeframe MultiTops and bottom-Indicator

Steven-Martinson 2 года назад 0

Hey i wanna introduce the GomBang Indicator: MultiTimeframe MultiTops and Bottoms

GomBang displays double/multitop and bottom levels on the chart, with the unique ability to merge the levels from multiple charts and timeframes.

For instance, if it is displayed on 5 minute, a 4 range and a 800 tick chart, then the 5 minute chart will display double/multitop levels from the 5 min, the 4 range and the 800 tick. https://www.gomicators.com/gom-bang/



When true, the chart publishes its GomBang levels to the other charts.


The indicator will automatically compute a name for the chart's levels, like 5M for 5 min or 4R for 4 Range. This name can be overriden with the parameter.

Setting the parameter to empty will reenable the default naming scheme.


When true, the indicator will plot the levels published by the other charts.

Show own

If true, the chart will plot its own levels and the levels published by the other charts.

If false, it will only plot levels from the other charts

Need Wicks

If true, bar high/low will be considered for a multitop only if they are at the edge of a wick (ie different from open and close). This tends to show price has been already rejected by the top/bottom.

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