Additional historical data sources

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ATAS is always loading the historical data form the servers of ATAS and then starting receiving live data from the data provider which the user has connected. In general the database of ATAS is quite good in my opinion since it provides very long history on Tick-Level which is of course necessary for orderflow analysis. From time to time or for some symbols the database of ATAS has errors (like every IT system) and for such situations it would be very helpful to have the possibility to load historical data directly from the data provider(s) which also provides the realtime data

As far as I know most providers (e.g. CQG, Rithmic, Interactive Brokers) support historical tick data via API. The implementation in ATAS would give the user a possibility to fill gaps or overwrite miss-prints in ATAS database on his own without waiting for the correction on ATAS side. In any case ATAS database would remain the main source for historical data but the other data providers could be used as a quick fix until ATAS corrects the respective data issue.

Such an option could be included in the chart menu besides <Refresh> and <Reload all historical data> as e.g.:
"Reload historical data from connection" with the option to choose the connection and the number of days to load.


Hello, Joerg!

Thanks for your idea, it is great. :)

Developers already working on possibility to load data from dxFeed, so users would be able even open charts of instruments which are not presented in ATAS but which has dxFeed. Hope in future we will expand list of such connectors, but right now we begin with dxFeed and later - will see. :)

Best regards. 

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