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Equivolume candles

Ruben 2 года назад в Графики обновлен 2 года назад 2

The only feature that keeps me from moving back to ATAS, are Equivolume candles. Any change ATAS will have these? Since ATAS is all about orderflow, this feature is a must.  

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Hello, Ruben!

Do you mean timeframe by volume? When all candles are built every 5000 contracts traded, for example?

If so - there is such possibility in ATAS:

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No i'm talking about candles that grow wider according to volume. Essential for a scalp traders because you can literally see if there is significant volume behind a candle.

See picture in the attachment.


It can also spots fake break outs, because you see the candle is thin.


TT, Ninja Trader, and Sierra Chart and many more platform have this type of candles in there standard software. But they use different names like volume candles etc.


King regards,

Ruben Heere


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