Instrument Links and Interval Links between charts

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could you pls. consider the introduction of Instrument Links and Interval Links in order to change instruments and intervals in several charts in parallel as described in the video below?

Many thanks in advance.


perfect, thanks.

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Hello, Joerg!

This funtionality was implemented - now you can link windows by color. 

Best regards.

hello Joerg,

i have mad a workspace with difrent charts of an instrumen. 

now i want to draw some lines or fibs at they daily chart and want to see it in the 5M and volume chart. i choose the coler red at all of them, but i cant see the linked draws...

can you pleas tell me were the mistake?



The window link only links the instrument not the indicators of chart markers. The only linked chart marker I know is the global horizontal line. When you use this it will be included in all charts with the same instrument. 

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