"Adding a second instrument in a chart" - Reading MINI and execute MICRO from a single Chart Trader.

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In May 2019, the CME launched the MICRO products that allowed many traders to go from CFDs directly to the Futures market thanks to the elimination of the entry barrier imposed by high margins.

For a price action trader, going from analyzing MINI to MICRO could be transparent, however for a trader based on order flow reading this is not the same.

For many of us today it is still more effective to read the MINI tape, however many of us still do not have enough margins to operate these instruments, and therefore what we do is read in a MINI chart and execute in another MICRO chart, what which is obviously not so professional when you have a Chart Trader precisely to keep your focus on tape reading based trading.

What then could be the solution to read MINI and run MICRO from a single chart?

It could be a very simple one adding a  second instrument the chart, so for reading  de MINI  the MICRO could be hidden (Transparency), and for taking positions the MICRO would be chosen from the Chart Trader.

The MINI would only be  visible for reading.

Other platforms already offer this functionality and are making many Traders read MINI and operate the MICRO from a single chart, thus improving their performance.

I would appreciate a prompt response in this regard.


hace mucho que yo les propuse lo mismo pero parece que la opinion de los que pagamos no importa, conozco gente que migro a otras plataformas solo por esto

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