New Fixed TPO Profile indicator

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New Fixed TPO Profile indicator

Hello dear ATAS team,

First of all, I want give you a big compliment, for the new Fixed TPO Profile indicator. This makes it possible, for example, to place a daily range, next toa e M 15 chart and to subdivide it between bid and ASK. However, I noticed a small mistake here.

Here we see an M15 chart with a distribution of the volume delta in the area of ​​limit orders. the gray lines show the total volume (Point A). To the right, I inserted six different fixed TPO profiles to create this representation.

Point B

Here we see the daily range divided by bid and ask in the middle is a day candle.

Point C

Here we see the Daily Delta divided by Bid and ASK. The colors were only exchanged to make the limit orders visible.

Point D

We see the total daily volume here.

The name of the indicator = fixed TPO profile, which means it is a fixed value to read the volume, Bit, Ask, or Delta in certain periods.However, when I look at a daily ranch, it means that the values ​​of an entire day must be displayed. The course would have to be updated again and again. However, this does not happen as you can see at Point E. To start the update, I have to open the indicator and then close it again. It would be a great help if there was a choice so that the indicator is updated regularly.

There is a TPO indicator that updates them, but Bid and ASK or the Delta cannot be represented as in my example.

Only one option would have to be inserted in the fixed TPO profile indicator that automatically updates the course. Then the problem would be solved.

I am convinced that many traders can benefit from such an overview.

Thanks again and kudos to the newly programmed version.

Kind regards Michael

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