Performance comparison v3. 3.1.16. versus v5.7.3

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Performance comparison v3. 3.1.16. versus v5. 7.3

Hello dear ATAS team,

Three months ago I complained, because the version v5. 6.17 ran significantly slower, than the old version v3. 3.1.16.

As a seconds scalper I am definitely an exception because I work with extreme filter settings in ATAS. For example, there are 3-DoM views on my screen, each with 130 different filter settings. This requires a lot of performance and is not relevant for most ATAS users. I am one of the customers who openly speaks over the problems, what I did three months ago in the form of a contribution.


In the past few months you have done an excellent job and today the new version v5 came. 7.3 out. I took a closer look at the performance of the new version and would like to share my results.

Here you can see the test screen that I used for the version v3.3.1.16 and v5.7.3. On this screen there are about 500 different filter settings in the individual charts. In addition, I filter out different tones with special filter settings that also require high performance.

You can find the corresponding video here:

The test was carried out with the following workstation that I put together for the ATAS software a few weeks ago.


At the time of the test run, other high-performance applications were running in order to achieve the most realistic result possible. The first thing you notice, the new version v5. 7.3 has significantly improved in all areas. The CPU load has decreased significantly and the new version requires far less RAM. You can also see that the GPU load has been reduced, which also affects the power consumption. Version v3. 3.1.16 = my twelve cores had an average temperature of 63 °, the new version was able to reduce this temperature by 5 °. I know you still have some work to do to further optimize the new version, but what you've delivered so far is a big step in the right direction. As a Java programmer, I am aware of the work behind it, because with the new version you have created a completely new working environment that is not comparable to the old version. In the next few months we will definitely see further improvements and innovations from you. Three months ago I complained that the new version is significantly slower than the old version. Today I would like to praise you that within this short time you managed to significantly optimize the new version. This makes ATAS a stock exchange program that can also be used with an older computer. However, it should be clear to everyone who works with extreme filter settings that one need a corresponding high-performance computer. The filter settings you offered are unbeatable and there is no comparable system worldwide.

I wrote a very interesting post on the posted video which you can find here:


I am looking forward to the further updates and am sure that we can toast to the best stock exchange software at the end of the year.

Greetings Michael

I have tried to contact you through forexfactory but I do not have privileges, but I follow every comment you make on the blog. I also use ATAS for crypto

Hello Juan,

that's true, not everyone can write to the blog, but there you can write to me at any time via private message and reach me.

Kind regards Michael

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