Customizable chart update interval in order to overcome PC performance issues

Joerg 3 года назад обновлен Ivan Gavrilin (ATAS support manager) 2 года назад 0


when markets move very quickly and several charts /studies are opened in parallel sooner or later probably any machine reaches its limits and charts begin lagging. Since ATAS is intended to support manual trading I think it is not necessary to update all charts / studies with every new tick. For example in ES the market can produce more than 1000 ticks per second which no human being can notice. Therefore I propose to introduce the possibility of throttling the visual updates of charts / studies via the introduction of a chart update interval, which can be changed by the user, e.g. every 100 or 200 milliseconds. 

Pls. see the following description with some more details:


Such a feature would help to overcome PC performance issues in active markets in a sustainable way I think.

Many thanks,


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