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Ability to set templates on indicators...not just save as default

Ian S. 7 лет назад в Графики / Индикаторы обновлен Ollie Anderson 3 года назад 3
I would like to have the ability to save templates for indicator settings.
The way ATAS is set up now, one can only save new settings as default. I have different indicator settings that I use for different charts.
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Please tell your vision of implementation of this ability. Should it be like the option in the indicator settings? Or should it be like the separate files?

Please see the attached image from Ninjatrader. I know I can change indicators in ATAS but I cannot save them as separate files.

For example in Ninjatrader, I can set all my parameters and then at the bottom right, you see the Template button? I can create a separate file to load so I do not have to manually set the Fib levels again.

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