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Rebuild "Jump at the end"-Button

Christian Kömm 3 года назад в Графики обновлен Ivan Gavrilin (ATAS support manager) 2 года назад 3

If I click on the "Jump at the end"-Button the chart jumps to the end of the chart AND the line unter the button is marked. In my case I often move a line to an other price. Or I grab a line from elsewhere. 

Is it possible to implement a button to lock all drawing-tools?

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Hello, Christian!

All drawing objects have such feature. You should click left mouse button on object to turn on/off editing mode. If it is turned off - you are not able to move object. Here is hosrt video:


Object is available for moving while it is selected. You can deselect all object by pressing button 4:

Best regards.

No, the problem is an other one. If the line is under the pointer to scroll to the end of the button - and the line is not selected, the click on the pointer selects the line.  See the effect in the video.

2020-02-19 16-34-13.flv

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