Split last TPO profile

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It's not possible to "Split" TPO profile (only the last) with one click on right, without going into the settings ! Or option to split only the last profile TPO not all profile.

I also see that the IB's adjustment cannot be done in a accurate way, (normaly is the 1st hours cash session)

So can you incorpore IB setup hourly settings (Start-stop)?

IB start at 08:00 to 09:00 AM with "A" and "B" letter.

Gap is not visible, and impossible to configure "Excahnge settings" Normaly open start at 01:15

And please add to TPO indicator

1) Open line option 

2) Middle line  - median - option



Such functionality was added in recent updates. :D

You can click on certain TPO and press S button on keyboard and it would be splitted on sub periods.

Best regards,

Ivan Gavrilin

ATAS Support manager

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