mackm 3 года назад в Графики / Индикаторы 0

Hello. I am returning to ATAS, and I would like to request that the Pivots indicator be modified to allow for custom sessions. 

The big players in CL and US Equities calculate their pivots using the HLC of the previous day session (RTH)--not the full session (ETH). Since all the big players have these levels on their charts, they are crucial for identifying targets and ranges. 

Can the open and close times for calculating pivots be added? This functionality would be useful for other indicators as well. 

I know that the exchange times can be changed. That is not a solution for this problem, however. The session times affect the starting time for calculating indicators but, unfortunately, not the closing times. If this could be changed, it would be a more global fix for customizing certain indicators (daily lines, for example). The problem, though, is that it would affect some indicators that you in fact do want to reflect the overnight action (e.g., the VWAP). For this reason, I would not recommend approaching the problem via exchange times. 

Thank you in advance for your consideration.


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