Lacking time frames on charts and Session Times

Edgar Lemos 6 лет назад в Графики 0

Good day,

Regarding your charts time frames, I find the lack of 4H Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly time frames a must to improve. Every single other platform have that, so I think you could improve it.

Another question regarding charts is the ability to choose the Session Time-frame to show data:

For example, in the below picture from MarketDelta charts, you have a dropdown menu that gives you the ability to choose the time frame which you want to show data. It could be either used on candlestick charts or MarketProfile charts. Instead of choosing the Session Start and End time (as seen in the platform), you could give some standard predefined timezones (which would automatically update when winter/summer time changes) and then, yes, and "custom" time zone where we could put start/end time.

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