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Hello there.. I posted this before on this forum, but got no response. So i'll do it again:

Can you please add the Deribit exchange to ATAS crypto? It's much better and more reliable then BitMex. The API and websockets are better. ATAS is amazing, but doing Order Flow type of trading on a unstable platform like Bitmex is not a good idea. Order execution is not fast enough plus you get the infamous " order error" when bitmex is supposedly "overloaded", which is just a scam to get traders trapped in trades. The only alternative is Deribit. They are not scammers and the platform is much more stable. Thx! 


Hello, Ruben!

Thanks for your suggestion, there are some topics like this already, so there is no sense to create more. :)

Topic should receive as much more upvotes as possible to be implemented sooner. 

Once developers will consider some topic they will leave a comment and change status of it. :)

Best regards.


Ah Thanks! I didn't realize it was depended on up voting. I thought i maybe posted it om the wrong sub forum.


Kind regards,



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