‚Automatic Exit Strategy‘ Orders visible as soon as SET

Roger Pellegrini 3 года назад в Торговый модуль / Защитные стратегии (ATM) 0

At the moment, with using the ‚Automatic Exit Strategy‘ , the Automatic generated ‚Stop‘ and ‚Take profit‘ become visible as soon as the manual set order gets FILLED.

Is it possible and would it not make sense, to make the ‚Stop‘ and the ‚Take profit‘ visible as soon as the manual order is SET, and not just when it is filled?

From my point of view, i would like this very much because it would give me a double check in busy situations to make sure that i have not taken by mistake the wrong button (‚Buy‘ in stead of ‚sell‘ and vice versa).

Of course it happens very rarely, but when it happens it is extremely annoying. And with this little change, the issue would be solved definitvely.

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