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Cluster Statistic Indicator

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How about if you could compare cluster statistic from different TF (TimeFrame). When you are in little TF you can also check the bigger TF.

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Thank you for your suggestion, but can you describe more detailed what do you want to see? You can open two charts with different timeframes and add cluster statistics on both to compare.

Best regards.

ok your are right. 
I just wanted to save space. 
It would be good if you are in smaller TF (Timeframe) and you know that the cluster statistics from other TF´s are also positive (long trade) or negative (shorttrade). That is what I thought.

ok thanks.  
what I really need would be this feature:

Volume Profile

how about if you could select the period itself in the Volume Profile. It would be great if you could enable or disable this feature (with one click). In addition, it would be good if the indicator itself could highlight the largest maximum volume levels and you could even determine the number. 

Maybe he meant something like that. High timeframe switches can be really cool for indicators - not only for the cluster stats. 

it would be nice if the text would zoom smaller when it runs out of space before it disappears. 
and the percentages should also crop the digits after comma when turning on "short values"

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