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Save Window Feature and Contract Specification Indicator

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Save Window- Feature

It would be good if you could save all the open charts. By that I mean with one click, all the charts needed appear. And all the charts have their place. If you want to use a different strategy, then click on another saved window (just click on the given name). It is helpful if you want to change from one strategy to another. 

Contract Specification Indicator
It would be helpful if this indicator could provide information about a contract. (Example:  Ticksize, expiration date ....)

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About "Save Window- Feature" - you can configure everything as you wish and save workspace. https://support.orderflowtrading.ru/knowledge-bases/2/articles/373-workspace-setting?lang=en

Absolutely same functionality to which you described. 

Or you can use layouts for this purpose. https://support.orderflowtrading.ru/knowledge-bases/2/articles/448-layout-settings?lang=en

Best regards.

ok thanks for the fast response.

Do you offer Contract Specification as dscribed above.

Unfortunately no, we don't have it. If this topic will be upvoted by users - developers will consider this idea and implement it. :)

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