Volume Profile, Maximum Level-Indicator and Contract Period Indicator changes/recommendation

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I am a huge fan of your platform.

Volume Profile

how about if you could select the period itself in the Volume Profile. It would be great if you could enable or disable this feature (with one click). In addition, it would be good if the indicator itself could highlight the largest maximum volume levels and you could even determine the number.

Maximum level indicator

What excites me the most is that you can use the maximum level indicator to mark volume lines. Thus, the competition "Volfix" has become superfluous; because the best of this platform are the volume lines. I would be glad, if you could choose yourself how many volume lines you want to see. I would like to see several contract volume lines in the contract (contract volume = 3-4 most traded volumes and monthly volume = 2 most traded volumes).

Contract Period Indicator (Recommendation)

It would be helpful if the contract period were marked. Sometimes I also use the last contract for my volume analysis.

If you could make some changes, I would buy your platform and use it intensively.

With best regards

Frank Meyer

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