Exit Strategy - important functions missing!

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in Atas (and Atas Beta) there are missing three very important Exit Strategy functions. 

1: Saving Exit Strategies! There must be a function that we can save a Exit Strategy. I hate it when everytime i start Atas new, all Exit Strategy for my different markets are lost... that costs a lot of time.

2: When I'm in a Trade with a Exit Strategy (example Stoploss, Breakeven and Takeprofit) and I move the Stoploss, the Exit Strategy will be deactivated and the Breakeven-Move don't work anymore. Please change this or make a function for this!

3: a Breakeven button in the tradingpanel and a breakeven function in the hot key manager

I hope that the ideas will be implemented very soon in Atas (and Atas Beta), because this are very important for all Traders.

Thank you!


1.As i know developers plan to make that exit strategies could be saved.

2.About this one i am not sure if this is right and logical, probably developers will consider this later.

3.Unfortunately this is don't understand, can you explain more detailed, please?

Best regards.



You can save exit strategies already. :)

Best regards.

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