Imrpovement Stacked Imbalances Indicator

Nic 3 года назад в Графики / Индикаторы обновлен Ivan Gavrilin (ATAS support manager) 2 года назад 2

Hello ATAS Team,

it would be great if the stacked imbalance indicator could be adjusted for the print for x bars parameter:

If you put the parameter '0' the imbalance bar should be cut off after another following bar closes below the imbalance bar.

Or if you want to keep the setting for '0' like it is, maybe it would be possible to add another parameter setting to set it up like mentioned above.

Thank you!

this option already included in the stacked imbalance indicator - or i not fully understand your question.

Hello Michael,

right now the stacked imbalance is getting cut off by any candle that is even spiking into it. So it's getting cut but for some of my strategies it's still valid. See example in screenshot below. The candle closed 5 or 6 ticks ABOVE the stacked imbalance and the imbalance got cut anyway.

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