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Ichimoku Kinko Hyo.

DaZM 3 года назад в Графики / Индикаторы обновлен Ivan Gavrilin (ATAS support manager) 2 года назад 4

Hello ATAS.

The Ichimoku Kinko Hyo indicator does not working properly, the Cloud or Kumo is not ahead of the price "x" periods.

The Cloud or Kumo does not change the color when the price breaks it through.

Thank you in advance.


На рассмотрении

Hello, DaZM!

Thanks for informtaion - about that cloud should be ahead of chart i agree, looks like this is bug and i forwarded information to developers.

About color of cloud - i saw different realisations of this indicator and in some platform it changes color, in other - no. Anyway i also ask to make some improvement, but this is up to developers if they will do or not.

Best regards.

Hello, Vladimir...

The change of color of the Cloud-Kumo shows how strong or weak the trend is. And as we know the cloud is ahead of the price "x" periods, the change of color of the Cloud-Kumo shows the stronghold or weakness of the trend in the future... At least, this is how it was meant to be by its developer Goichi Hosoda.

Thank you so much.

Okay, but on your screenshot with example there are only two options of color - red and green and i don't see any difference, no gradients in colors. How can it show strongness and weakness of trend?

Or i misunderstood you and you meant that color shows would it be uptrend or downtrend?:)

Hello, Vladimir...

The change of color shows an anticipation of possible change of trend, in other words, a weakness of the current trend. All in terms of possibilities...

Thank you.

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