Template For Indicators.

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Hello ATAS.

Please add an option to save a Template for Indicators, so we do not have to reconfigure the parameters of the indicator each time we add it to a chart.

Thank you in advance.



Finde ich ebenfalls eine super Idee, damit man die Farben und Einstellungen des Indikators nicht jedesmal für jedes Fenster neu einstellen muss. Zum Beispiel Fibonacci oder Market-Profile, etc.

На рассмотрении

Hello !

If we talking about indicators you can save snapshots , where will be saved all settings for indicators. More information about it you can find here https://support.orderflowtrading.ru/knowledge-bases/2/articles/357-working-with-templates?lang=en .

About drawing objects, there is possibility to save it as default and it will draw next time with needed settings and colors 

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