New Feature: Fixed Market Profile - Improvement Idea

Nic 3 года назад обновлен Ivan Gavrilin (ATAS support manager) 2 года назад 1

Hi there,

I love the new feature that I can add the Static Market profile, I was waiting for this a long time.

So I am using it by stacking some different Market Profile on each other but I have two issues with the feature:

1. It's impossible to make the Static profiles >exactly< the same size, because the settings dot is always in the way, so you can not hide the adjustment line of both Profiles, see screenshot. You always have to setup a slightly different size. This isn't a very bad thing, but I think this can be implemented in a better way.

2. For me, I will use this Fixed Market Profile in EVERY Chart. What where I see an issue with the daily use: 

It's a drawing object. 

That means: if I draw in my chart my levels every day (for example with other drawing objects, horizontal lines and so on), and at the end of the day or next day I want to delete them, I can't use the Delete All button, because it will delete my Static Market Profiles too. So I either have to setup the Static Market Profile every day, for each chart, which is a lot of work (especially when you have to deal with issue 1 above too), OR I have to delete all my levels manually, which is also a lot of work and I may forget to delete something.

I hope you understand my concerns and it would be great if this could be considered.

Thank you,


I also noticed that if you are pressing the arrow on the top right of the chart to center the chart to the last traded price will always open the 'scaling line' or 'setting line' of the Static Market Profile.

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