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Thanikachalam S 3 года назад в Графики 0


I was trying to use the ATAS for India instruments. I was happy to find the connection through NinjaTrader8. Connection established, but could not add symbols. And i found that surprising. I written to your support and they said that developers need to add these symbols.

Normally the symbols are dynamic as the data vendors sometimes change the symbol names. So if the symbol name is hardcoded, then there will be huge compatibility issue when connecting through various data vendors.

For example, one data vendor says NIFTY-1, and the other says NIFTY-I to refer to the NIFTY futures.

Is it possible to add support for Indian instruments from NSE? Actually ATAS should not even care what symbol name it is and which exchange it is if it is not going to place trades. As a charting platform as long as tick-data with all info is coming and the format is compatible with NT8, then it should e good enough. (I assume here).

I have used three data vendors and each on of them call the symbol names differently. Global feeds calls NIFTY as NSEI (like in Yahoo), as NIFTY is being used in multiple exchanges. In fact some data vendors provide symbol mapping as well.

Can you support adding instrument names in ATAS? So when i connect my datafeed into NT8, whatever symbol it has that should be visible in ATAS instruments as well. That will be good enough.

For example, when i filter for Nifty in my NT8, it shows so many names, actually these are custom names from the data vendors. so you can't keep up with all these silly naming from them in your programs. Instead, if you just treat them as placeholders and use the same in your chart/instruments, you don't have to anything else to support any change across the world. NT8 will act as a proxy in this case. And that you have done nicely already!

On the opportunity front, your charts and features are very good and all out of the box. So you have a great opportunity to get lot of subscriptions form the indian market.

I had a chat with support already and they asked me to file this in idea.

Waiting for a positive response from you.



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