Cluster search for DIAGONAL bid x ask imbalance

Ian S. 3 года назад в Графики / Индикаторы обновлен Андрей Ринас2 (ATAS developer) 3 года назад 1

This one should be easy to implement. Please make a cluster search for diagonal bid x ask imbalance. 

Right now it is possible to only color the text in cluster for diagonal bid x ask imbalance....

Please make a cluster search where this is possible. 

Current cluster search only searches horizontal (same price level) imbalance.  


Hello ian ! 

We have added Stacked imbalances indicator wich can show similar imbalance ratio as in bid ask imbalance cluster mode. More information about it you can find here https://support.orderflowtrading.ru/knowledge-bases/2/articles/17947-stacked-imbalances?lang=en

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