Indicator to mark lines and zones

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In Ninjatrader there is an indicator (the attached) with which you can automatically perform a lot of analysis work.
Specifically, it serves to mark:
1.- The weekly highs and lows
2.- The level of the price of final brokerage from the candle of the 20.25h until the next day at 20.25h
3.- The maximum and minimum levels of each session (Asian, European and American) and take them until the end of the next session
4.- Painting of different color each session
5.- The levels of the opening price of the sessions and leave them during the whole session
In short, an indicator that can draw for each day horizontal lines with a defined start and end, paint ranges (squares) with a defined beginning and end and containing the maximum and minimum during that range.
I do not find ATAS something similar and would be very useful.
Could you please develop this indicator? Thank you very much

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