Cumulative Delta Moving average

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Hi, please ask your programmer to make it possible for me to add moving averages to the delta indicator. I want it to be possible to add SMA and EMA. Also the possibility to add more than one moving average.
He must also make it possible for me to start the delta indicator based on a time that I want. Now it is set from 12:00-12:00
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The work regarding adding SMA and EMA is in process.

What about indicator based on a time starting from 3.45 version indicators start to build in the beginning of session that is set by user.

How can we add MA to CD ?
also : how can we input the exact times for start/end of CD calculation ?

Hello, you can't add MA to CD, it can be done only for Technical indicators.

To set start/end time for CD you have to set time for the session in the Exchange settings.

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