Exit (ATM) strategy with multiple targets

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I would like to be able to build a simple exit (or ATM) strategy where you can exit (scale out) via multiple targets. Even if there was a means to just split the limit orders after you have entered would be sufficient enough.

So for example i would like to enter with 4 contracts. I would like to take profit of 2 contracts at target 1 (e.g. 10 ticks). Then i would like to take profit at target 2 (e.g. 20 ticks). then target 3 would be at around 30 ticks - or whatever the market is offering.

An example below from Ninjatrader

Hello James

This is what Im looking for.

I cannot believe ATAS doesn't have this on the platform.

Nobody answer on this?

This functionality is essential and it would also be great if they included an "Auto trail" system like Ninja's. I am sure that the ATAS team is already solving it.

Thanks !!!

Hi Carlos

I agree with you

Unfortunately, until today I haven't received any answer on this important issue.



This functionality has been added in 5.6.7 version.

We added new ATM strategy: Multiple SL&TP


Hello, I have version 5.6.10 of ATAS and this functionality does not work ...  An example of this:

1. ATAS version:

- Strategy Configuration:

3. Strategy Execution:

4. Price goes to my 1st Take Profit (BUY LMT) order:

5. Price touch my 1st Take Profit (BUY LMT) order, but Stop Loss and the other BUY LMT order disappear:

In summary, when the price reaches the first TP order (BUY LMT or SELL LMT), ATAS is removing all the orders (SL and TP) that have not yet been executed.

Saludos D Villar...., tengo la ultima version de ATAS 5.7.2 y persiste el inconveniente de que las ordenes (2do target y SL) se desaparecen. Has logrado resolver o te han logrado resolver ese inconveniente...???

Hello Gavrilin Ivan.....,

I have the ATAS last version 5.7.2 (July 30th 2020)  BUT (in the multiple orders cases) when the the first target is reached, the SL & the 2nd target suddenly disappear from the chart. The trade is still running with the remaining contracts BUT literally I cant handle the SL and/or the 2nd target. Please, help...!!!

In such case you should contact support directly, not wtire a comment in Idead section. :)

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