Design mode

Design mode - this mode allows customizing the DOM appearance: buttons size, button color settings, the text on buttons (text size, color), the location of buttons and DOM columns.

To enter this mode, right-click on any area of the DOM except for trading columns and activate the Design mode by selecting it from the context menu. After activation of the Design mode, select the necessary module button below:

- Left-click it to select, which will open the settings window.

- In the window that opens, configure the button to your preference: button size,button color and background color, button caption font size, and the button location.

* The size of the button can also be adjusted by dragging it to the desired location on the module with the mouse; to do this, left-click it and drag to increase / decrease the size without releasing the mouse button.

To edit a column area, left-click on it in the same manner and customize settings.

Upon configuration completion, use the Visible function to display the button on the module; hide unnecessary buttons by selecting Hidden.

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