Cumulative Delta

Cumulative Delta means cumulative delta for a certain period of time. If classic Delta shows the difference between market buys and sells for each bar separately, Cumulative Delta displays the entire dynamics of balance of market buys and sells starting from a certain point of time (from the beginning of a trading session or contract).

Indicator view on chart:

Image 1568

*Note! Upon installation, the indicator has default settings, which are not appropriate for all instruments and time frames, therefore, it should be customized.

In order to add and set this indicator, open Indicator Settings.

Cumulative Delta Indicator Settings

Image 1569


Buys — color of buys

Sells — color of sells


Show Legend – display of name on the indicator panel.


Line Width – cumulative delta line width setting (if line mode is selected).

Session Delta Mode – mode of calculating cumulative delta only during a session. If this mode is OFF, cumulative delta is calculatedfrom the beginning of chart.

Visual Mode – visualization of cumulative delta on the chart.

Three visual modes are available:

  • Candles
  • Bars
  • Line

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