Changing the Default Location of the Working Folder of the ATAS Platform

In the working folder of the ATAS platform, stored all logs of the actions in the program, templates with custom settings for charts, etc.

Sometimes you may need to change the location of this folder. This may be necessary for example, if the computer runs 2 instances of the ATAS or if you need to create a portable version (stored on a flash memory stick).

* The folder must be changed after the platform has been shut down. The new default folder is created during the login into the ATAS platform.

To do this:

1. Open the Advanced Time And Sales.exe.config file in the folder where you have installed the program.

Image 40498

* By default, the file path is: C:/Program Files (x86)/Advanced Times and Sales/Advanced Time And Sales.exe.config

This is an xml file, but you can open it with Notepad.

2. Then, locate the following text in this document:

Image 705

3. Enter the path to the default folder between <value> and </value>.

It can be a full path (for example: <value>C:\ATASFolder</value>)

Alternatively, it can be a relative path (for example:<value>ATASFolder</value>). In this case, the ATASFolder directory, where all the information will be stored, will be created in the folder with the installed program. This method is suitable for the Portable version (if, for example ATAS needs to be saved to a memory stick).

You can also use the following reserved directory names: MyDocuments, Desktop, UserProfile, ProgramFiles, and ApplicationData.

For example, if you enter <value>%Desktop%\%AppName%</value> the folder “Advanced Time And Sales” will be created on the desktop, where all the information will be placed;

If you enter <value>%ProgramFiles%\%AppName%</value>, a folder in Program Files directory will be created, etc.

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