Horizontal Volume

Horizontal volume - is an indicator of the interest of traders in a certain price level taking into account all the transactions for the selected period; i.e., the ongoing accumulation of such transactions on a number of relevant prices. When working with the vertical volume, only the culminating points of buys or sells in a given period of time can be tracked.

On the ATAS platform, this indicator is located to the left on the chart.

This indicator has different settings: To open the settings, click on the icon on the chart menu bar:

In the opened Settings window, the following period parameters can be set:

  • Current Day
  • Last Day
  • Current Week
  • Last Week
  • Current Month
  • Last Month
  • Contract
  • * If a Continuous contract has been selected in the chart and the Contract period has been selected in the histogram, the latter will display only data for the current contract.

The method of constructing the horizontal volume:

  • Volume
  • Trades
  • Bid X Ask
  • Delta
  • Hide

Gradient - when this option is enabled, horizontal volume areas with the highest values will be highlighted in a lighter tone.

Price information.

Hovering the mouse cursor over the price level will display information about the price level and the number of traded contracts/lots.

Show Value Area.

Value Area - this option indicates the area where 70% of the total session volume has been traded (VAH = Value Area High, VAL = Value Area Low).

The Value Area percentage can be manually adjusted in the General Settings submenu of the Settings menu of the main window.

* This parameter affects all the Value Area calculations on the platform (i.e., in indicators and graphical objects as well). After changing the parameter, charts must be refreshed.

Show POC.

POC (Point of Control) - this option indicates the price level at which the maximum volume of the session has been traded.

Using this function, you can view the formation of the horizontal volume at a given chart time interval.

Below there is an example of this function.

As you can see, the horizontal volume of the selected chart section is displayed in the chart. This interval can be either increased or decreased. To do this, left-click once on the vertical line to select it, then click on it again and drag the line to the necessary area of the chart without releasing the mouse button. To remove the line, left-click on it (to select it) and then press the DEL key on the keyboard.

* These lines can be used together or separately to isolate an area on the chart.

Start Position.

Only the volume on the right side of the chart to the line will be built.

End Position.

Only the volume on the left side of the chart to the line will be built.

Visual Settings.

To open the visual settings:

1. Click on the icon on the chart menu bar.

2. In the chart settings window, switch to the Visual Settings tab.

3. Find Histograms on this tab.

* Detailed information on menu bar settings can be found here:Chart Settings.

Available setting parameters:

Ask Color.

Bid Color.

Extend POC.

Extend Value Area Lines.

Main Histogram Color.

POC Color.

Show Cumulative Values.

Text Color.

Value Area Color.

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