Depth Of Market

The indicator shows dom depth (Level II) on the chart.

Indicator view on the chart:

In order to add and set this indicator, open Indicator Settings.


Ask Rows – color of Ask orders histogram.

Asks BackGround – color of Ask orders background.

BestAsk Background – color of BestAsk price background.

BestBid Background – color of BestBid price background.

Bid Rows – color of Bid orders.

Bids BackGround – color of Bid orders background.

Text Color – color of text.

Histogram Size

Proportion Volume is used to manually set the size of the dom histogram. Do this requires to specify the value of contracts/lots, which corresponds to 100% of histogram width, and the rest bars of Depth of Market histogram are built proportionally to the value set.

*This option works only when Use Auto Size option is disabled.

Right to Left – when this option is ON, the dom histogram is displayed from right to left.

Use Auto Size –ON/OFFof automatic settings of dom histogram size, i.e., when this option is ON, the size of all bars on Depth of Market histogram is automatically adjusted in relation to the maximum order value of the dom.

Width –width of the chart area selected for this indicator.


Custom Height of Price Levels (manually) – manual setting of height of dom lines, “0” value disables this option.

Show Cumulative Values ‑ ON/OFFofdisplay of total values in the lower right corner.

Use Scale – automatic vertically scaling of the chart so that all Depth of Market histogram values are within the visible area of chart window. This option is generally relevant for instruments with large depth of Level 2 data.


Top/Bottom Margin - The scale option of the DOM

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