Chart Trader Panel Edit Mode


To access the settings window:

  • Right-click on the Chart Trader panel.
  • Select Settings in the context menu that opens.

This will open the Configuration window to the left on the chart.

* These settings are described in detail in sections:

Visual Chart Settings

Configuration of Chart Clusters

Trading Parameters

Design mode - this mode allows customizing the Chart Trader look: the size of buttons and the location of buttons.

To activate the editing mode, follow the above steps.

After the activation of the Design mode, select the necessary module button below:

- Left-click it to select, which will open the settings window.

- In the window that opens, configure the button to your preference. You can set button size and location, fix the button's position or extend the button.

* The size of the button can also be adjusted by dragging it to the desired location on the module with the mouse; to do this, left-click it and drag to increase / decrease the size without releasing the mouse button.

After all the settings, use the Visible function to display the button on the module; hide unnecessary buttons by selecting Hidden.

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