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Написание своего робота

srg777 4.0 anni fà updated by Андрей Ринас2 (ATAS developer) 2.0 anni fà 5

Так как весь мой анализ рынка завязан исключительно на атасе, то все инструменты и графики, которыми я пользуюсь, есть только в атасе. И я уже задумываюсь о написании своего робота. Есть программист.

Но, к сожалению, пока нет в Атасе возможности написания роботов. Надеюсь, эту идею многие поддержат и она когда-нибудь будет реализована.


identify iceberg by code?

JUAN CRUZ 2.0 anni fà 0

identify order iceberg by code?



lmm014 7.0 mesi fà 0

Hi, how can I get the price level  and direction (Buy/Sell) of a Big Trade?


Request for a few more sample strategies folder upload as completed projects on GitHub, please

Yuk 2.0 anni fà 0

In order to help us understand the actual method of implementing strategy sample code with C#, I would appreciate it very much if someone can share a link to download the strategies folder as completed projects on GitHub as an example. 

I am struggling to recreate appropriate class names and data names in order to reproduce the below sample strategies. 

For example:




You can get examples from our GitHub repository here 


CurrentPostion of a Strategy

Jose Manuel Benitez 2.0 anni fà 0

I'm coding a strategy which place Limit Orders and I use also another ATM Strategy which set TP and SL once the Limit Order has been reached. I don't want to have more than one position in market at same time, then before placing a new order I would like to check if a position is still active (TP or SL of last position haven't been touch yet). I though I could use CurrentPosition attibute to check this, but CurrentPositon remains at 1 or -1 after closing the last position. How should I check whether a position is in the market before sending a new Limit Order at the market?


close an order that is open

JUAN CRUZ 2.0 anni fà updated by Андрей Ринас2 (ATAS developer) 11.0 mesi fà 2

cerrar una orden que está abierta


Could u please give a Detailed or Full Sample code of ATM Strategy with TakeProfit and Stoploss?

artid90 7.0 mesi fà updated by Barn 7.0 mesi fà 1

The given sample that u give in your API Database isnt Detailed. Could u give a full Example with Stoploss and Takeprofit. Im a beginner and its like a white Sheet to me. I would appreciate it if u would add a full and Simple ATM Strategy Code.



How is it possible to place an order in a different security, than the current one?

Barn 7.0 mesi fà 0

Ladies and gentleman,

please answer me the following question:

How is it possible to place an order in a different security, than the current one?


A ChartStrategy is running on ES Chart.

If the Chart Strategy is triggered, the orders are not placed in ES, but in the MES.

How can I accomplish that?

thx and regards


how to extract data in real time?

marwan fakhriddin 9.0 mesi fà 0

how do extract data from atas templates in real time? OHLC, horizontal levels, etc.. 


How to plot a EMA from another chart on my open chart? [Как построить EMA с другого графика на моем открытом графике? ]

Rafael Coisa 9.0 mesi fà aggiornato 7.0 mesi fà 7

I'm trying to plot the EMA from a different tick chart than the one I'm using.

Something like 2000 tick chart open with an EMA from a 7000 tick chart.

Does anyone know how to do it?


[Я пытаюсь построить EMA с другого «тикового графика», чем тот, который я использую.
Что-то вроде тикового графика 2000, открывающегося с EMA от тикового графика 7000.
Кто-нибудь знает как это делать?

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