Incorrect DOM indicators

Depth of Market, DOM Levels, DOM Power or Scalping DOM indicators may not work or work incorrectly because of wrong settings or unstable connections. Here are the possible reasons to occur the problem and solutions to them.

1. Levels count.

First of all, you should check if there is a depth limit. We recommend removing the limits by setting the Levels count to zero in Common Settings.

Image 35741

2. Multiple data feed sources.

The data feed would be incorrect if you use a few connections for the same market simultaneously. To avoid such problems, select only one data feed source.

Wrong connections settings:

Image 35742

Right connections settings:

Image 35743

Important: Crypto Sim connection provides a limited depth of market. To get unlimited data, you should set a direct connection with an exchange by API.

3. Outdated API keys

In some cases, the incorrect market depth can be caused by outdated API keys. Generate new API keys.

IMPORTANT: After making any changes the platform needs to be reloaded.

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