Order Flow Indicator

The indicator that displays order flow directly on the chart.

Indicator view on the chart.

Image 1454

*Note! When set up for the first tip, the indicator has the settings by default, and those settings are not suitable for all instruments and time-frames, thus it has to be attuned.

To add and setup the following indicator, open the Indicators Setup window.

Order Flow Indicator Settings:

Image 1455


Alert File – choosing an audio file for the alert (you can also install your own audio files, see more details here).

Alert Filter – setting up the filters for the alert.

BackGround –color setup of the background in the alerts window.

Use Alerts –alert turn on/off option.


Combine Small Trades –this option allows to combine a few of small trades in one. In regular display, trades below a certain limit will be displayed as points. If this option is on, all nearby points will be displayed as one.

Filter – this option allows to setup the display of trades with certain parameters.

Show Small Trades – small trades display turn on/off option.

Speed Interval – setup of the speed of the order flow on the chart.


Buys – color setup for buy trades.

Sells – color setup for sell trades.


Color – color setup for the order flow line.

Linked to Bar – when this option is on, the order flow will start from the bar, not from the price scale.

Offset – setup of the offset between the bar and the order flow beginning.

Spacing – setup of spacing between trades in the order flow.

Text Color – color setup for text in the order flow.

Visual Mode – 2 visual modes are available:

  • Circles
  • Rectangles

Width – order flow line width setup.

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