Cluster Statistics

The indicator shows statistical data on every bar. It works only for cluster charts, and does not work for the others (candlestick or line chart, etc.)

Image 1409

In order to add and set this indicator, open Indicator Settings.

Cluster Search Indicator Settings:

Image 7011

To control the indicator contents, it is enough to tick the required parameters to display them in the indicator:

1. Asks – the number of trades at Ask price.

2. Bids – the number of trades at Bid price.

3. Delta – difference between Ask and Bid trades in this bar/candle.

4. Delta/Volume (%) – percentage of delta in relation to bar volume.

5. Session Delta.

6. Session Delta/Volume(%) – percentage of session delta in relation to session volume.

7. Volume ‑ volume of (contracts/lots/shares) traded in this bar/candle.

8. Time – current time of trading session.

9. Session Volume – total accumulated volume per session from its opening to the current time.


Background - background color.

Ask color

Bid color

Text color

Volume - volume color.

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