Instruments Manager

Instruments manager - is the window containing a list of all the available instruments of the ATAS platform. This window can be used to manage this list of available instruments, i.e. to select or to delete the necessary trading instruments.

The Instruments Manager can be opened by one of the following methods:

І. In the ATAS main window using hot keys except for the Spread Chart button; or via the Open menu in the same window.

ІІ. Using the Change Instrument option, which is located on the toolbar and/or in the context menu of main program windows.

This will open the Instruments manager window.

Window description:

1. Favorites tab, which contains the selected trading instruments.

2. All Instruments tab, which displays all the available instruments.

3. Open button.

4. Buttons:

Move Up,

Move Down,


using which you can move instruments up or down the list and delete them from the list.

A specific contract or a Continuous contract may be selected in the right bar across from the selected instrument:

The Continuous contract is defined here.

To add an instrument to the Favorites tab,switch to the All Instruments tab, then:

1) select the desired instrument using the quick search line

(*if you know the letter designation of the instrument) or from the list of available instruments.

2) Add the selected instrument by clicking on the Add to Favorites button.

3) If you want to open a chart of the selected instrument immediately, use the Open button.

* Description of the list of available instruments can be found here:

Available instruments of the Russian market in the ATAS platform.

Available instruments of the US market in the ATAS platform

* The display of trading platforms in the Instrument Manager depends on the selected server. More information can be found here.

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