Composite Portfolio

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A composite portfolio enables to perform transactions simultaneously in multiple accounts with a single click. That is, when you open a position in a composite portfolio, a position in the accounts of this portfolio is opened simultaneously; when you close positions in a composite portfolio, positions in the accounts of this portfolio are closed as well.

To create a composite portfolio:

1) Right-click in the Accounts tab of the main window to open the context menu. Select “Add a Composite Portfolio” menu item;

2) Enter the name of the portfolio in the menu that appears;

3) Select the accounts on which you want to trade simultaneously in the drop-down menu by pressing the “+” button;

4) Set a weighting factor after adding each account;

5) After the configuration of all the accounts that belong to a portfolio, open a chart or a smart DOM, and choose the created portfolio in them. Perform trades in this portfolio as if it were an ordinary account.

Example: A portfolio is created consisting of two accounts: the account A with a ratio of 1 and the account B with a ratio of 2. Now, if you open an order for 1 lot in the created composite portfolio, the order for 1 lot will be opened in the account A and an order for 2 lots will be opened in the account B.

Important note:

If you manually close a position just on a separate account(s) included in the portfolio after a position in a composite portfolio has been opened, the position in the composite portfolio will not change. To reset the position in a composite portfolio, go to the Position tab of the main window, select the position of the composite portfolio, right-click on it, select the “Change component position” menu item in the window that appears, and select the closing price of the position.

The number of permissible connected accounts: depends on the performance of your PC, as well as the type of Internet connection.

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