Spread Tape

This is the tool to visualize the volumes during each value of spread.This method of tape displaying is useful because it more clearly shows the balance between buyers and sellers and which side is more agressive right now.

To open the following module, use:

І. The Spread Tape hot key button.

ІІ. Open Menu, Spread Tape tab.

Image 17598

Instruments manager window will open:

Image 848In the following window, choose the instrument from the All Instruments tab, or from the Favorites tab.

*Adding instruments to the Favorites tab is described in detail here:

Instruments manager.

Afterwards, the Spread Tape window will open.

Image 849

1. Time corresponding to the given spread.

2. Bid – price, where the Bid was.

3. Ask – price, where the Ask was.

4. Delta – cumulative delta for all the data in the counter.

5. Bid Trades Size – volume of the trades on the Bid side (i.e., market sales).

6. Between Trades Size – volume of the trades within the spread (between the Bid and the Ask).

7. Ask Trades Size – volume of the trades on the Ask side (i.e., market purchases).

8. Freeze button – allows to “freeze” (stop) the tape (the same button “unfreezes” the tape).

9. Color settings.

10. Tape display on top of the other windows.

*Functions 9 and 10 can also be used from the context menu.

To launch the context menu, right click on the tape.

Image 850

Context menu description:

- Change Instrument.

- Settings – color settings.

- On Top – displays the tape on top of the other windows.

- Change layout.

- Clone window.

Color Settings

Image 851


Between color – color of the trades inside the spread.

Buy color.

Font size.

Sell color.

Save As Default.

Reset – reset settings.

OK – apply all settings.

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