All Prices

This calculator is used for the distribution of volumes by prices. It allows locating price levels with max volume/trade/bid/ask/delta for a time period of your choice. These levels are generally used as support/resistance levels.

To access this module, use:

1. All Prices Hot key.

2. Open menu, All Prices tab.

Image 17596

Then Instruments Manager window opens:

Image 854

In this window, select the instrument from All Instruments tab list, or from Favorites tab list.

*How to add instruments to Favorites tab is described in detail here:

Instruments Manager.

Then All Price window opens.

Image 858

This calculator allows:

a) choosing both predefined intervals (current day, week, month, contract, etc.) and manually selected ones;

b) setting up the order of columns (click on the column name with the left mouse button and drag to the desired window area.)

Let’s review All Price window in detail:

Image 859

1. Select Period.

2. Price Scale.

3. Displaying the tape on top of other windows (this function is also available in context menu).

4. Right-click on the tape to open the context menu.

Context menu description:

- Change Instrument.

- Settings. When clicking on this function line: Period and Price Scale are hidden (to restore them you should re-click on this line of context menu).

- On Top – display of the tape on top of other windows.

- Change Layout – change of the working layer.

- Clone Window – window cloning.

Values in the window are selectedin different colors:

  • The maximum value in Volume and Trades columns is highlighted in red.
  • Bid and Ask columns are compared and the maximum value is highlighted in white, and the minimum – in gray.
  • The maximum positive delta in Delta column is highlighted in green, and the maximum negative delta – in red.

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