RT indicator

A unique indicator that combines the range (size) and the trend (direction) of the market. It allows to find the market reversal points. Indicator is recommended to be used on RangeX and RangeZ charts.

Indicator view on the chart.

Image 1894

To add and setup the following indicator, open the Indicators Setup window.

Image 1895


Alert File – choose an audio file for the alert sound.

Alert Filter – alert filter setup.

BackGround – color setup of the background.

Use Alerts – turn the alerts on/off.


Buy Color – color setup for the buy signal.

Sell Color – color setup for the sell signal.


AutoFilter – turn on the automatic filtration option.

Filter – manual filter for precise setup. For each instrument, a separate filter is recommended to be used. It is most convenient for first time to run the indicator with the Autofilter option. Then, change the Filter values manually for a more precise setup.

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